BIOS-SHIELD® Professional comes pre-installed and ready to activate.

All PC’s with BIOS-SHIELD® include the following stand-alone security features:

Data Encryption

Hard Drive encryption helps protect data from malicious insiders as well as hackers.

Time Machine Restoration

Users can save a point-in-time snapshot of their hard drive. Should the user encounter a virus or malware attack, users can select a previously stored snapshot and initiate a roll back to recover missing data quickly.

USB Encryption

Encrypted USB thumb drives can be read by BIOS-SHIELD® PCs with the same encryption password. When activated, this features prevents an un-authorized USB thumb drive connection.

USB Device Control

Based on the company security policy, administrators can decide to disable storage devices, network and printers to prevent unauthorized data leading while allowing other functions such as audio/video devices for video calling.

Secure Browser

The BIOS-SHIELD secure container enables users to freely search the internet and safely screen-shot and move graphics, photos and PDF files without fear of importing malicious code.

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