Use case for Healthcare

A healthcare provider achieves centralized, secure management of patient data with fewer IT resources.

The benefits

Data Encryption helps protect sensitive patient data from malicious insiders and external threats – at both the home office and remote locations.

Administrators can quickly limit or grant permissions to pre-defined information.

Should a device be lost or stolen, admins can remotely disable and wipe data from the device.

The need:

Healthcare professionals rely on remote access to confidential data to help support their work in hospitals, pharmacies and clinics. Obtaining information quickly without sacrificing patient confidentiality or security is essential.

Doctors and healthcare support staff have Secure remote access to patient records outside the office.

The solution:

While the cloud has tremendous potential to meet the healthcare industry's requirements, many are hesitant to embrace it due to the nature of the sensitive information. BIOS-SHIELD® Business provided a customized approach to this healthcare provider. Seeking a way to allow remote access while maintaining centralized control, this healthcare office deployed BIOS-SHIELD® laptops to their remote staffers. Authorized users were able to gain access to limited sensitive data through the secure cloud. The home office maintained full control over the patient data and limited access to a secure end-point. Remote users were able to request permissions to records as needed however USB controls encrypted the ports to prohibit anyone from trying to copy the data.