Use case for Legal Services

A law firm enables teams to work-at-home, while adding new protections to safeguard client data

The benefits

Immediately implement work-from-home access while significantly reducing business risk.

Provide clients with continual support.

Meet business requirements to deliver secure internet access with high availability to corporate applications and client data.

The need:

Today, just about every business needs to find a way for employees to work-from-home. The legal industry has been extra cautious in allowing remote access due to compliance issues, heavy regulations and concerns over client data protection. In the wake of the recent pandemic, things are rapidly changing. Law firms need to provide secure, remote access with seamless, high availability.

Stronger data security. When employees need access to confidential files, the added layer of defense blocks hackers' attempt to capture the data.

The solution:

Data is one of our most valuable assets. Law firms need to safeguard the client data that they’ve been entrusted to protect. That’s why BIOS-SHIELD® Business was selected to meet the need of this law firm.

Adding a layer of protection within the endpoint that “air-gaps” and isolates data from the network eliminates many potential threats while allowing IT administrators to grant access to client files. Once a secure connection to the cloud is established, admins can grant or change user permissions, remotely disable, shut-down and up-date devices.