Use case for Manufacturing

A global manufacturer reduces the risk of a data breach to their supply chain

The benefits

Seamless management of endpoints. BIOS-SHIELD® Enterprise allows administrators to deploy quickly, reconfigure and shutdown an end-user.

Mitigate Insider Threats. BIOS-SHIELD’s USB encryption feature allows administrators to prevent potential data loss. Should a USB thumb drive go missing, there is no data loss. The data can only be read on an authorized BIOS-SHIELD® device.

The need:

Manufacturers are increasingly under threat from cyberattacks. In 2019 half of the global manufacturers were victim to at least one data breach according to the 2019 Manufacturing and Distribution Report. The challenges for this industry go beyond typical business vulnerabilities (i.e., data theft and phishing scams). Cybercriminals can potentially shut down operations that have immediate ramifications that typically take weeks or even months to restore.

Speed is critical in identifying insider threat mitigation. Managing user activity helps assess and prioritize alerts to block malicious threats quickly.

The solution:

This company was very concerned about keeping their intellectual property and confidential data from walking out the door. BIOS-SHIELD® Enterprise delivers a tamper-proof solution that locks down the endpoints while enabling administrators to monitor user activity. This BIOS-based technology provides powerful protection, with full virtualization—via dual operating systems—along with network and USB peripheral security, and real-time monitoring and analytics.