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for PCs

Data has become the world’s most valuable resource. How you store it, protect it, and access it may decide the success or failure of your business. That’s why we’ve taken an entirely different approach to help secure and manage your data.

Understanding BIOS-SHIELD®


BIOS-SHIELD® is a local VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. We transform a Windows-based PC by encapsulating the Operating System within a secure container. BIOS-SHIELD® utilizes all the hardware capabilities and provides users with a seamless experience with true native performance. IT administrators can centrally manage all BIOS-SHIELD PC’s whether they are within the company walls or outside the corporate network.

How is it different?

Most other VDI solutions typically run on a remote server in the company’s datacenter or the Cloud. The endpoint is usually a low-end PC with limited CPU power, memory and HDD space. The downside to this solution is that it requires significantly more network bandwidth to transmit and display the desktop image from the server to the endpoints. This puts an extra burden on the network infrastructure, creating an unstable network that limits employees' access to graphic-intensive applications. BIOS-SHIELD delivers a seamless native user experience with stronger security and remote manageability.

Which solution is right for your business?

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The Benefits of BIOS-SHIELD®

The value of BIOS-SHIELD®